Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2011-2012 MASK CAMP INSTRUCTOR, Carolina Friends School Summer Program, Durham, NC

More masks from a second summer at Carolina Friend's School Summer Programs (2012) entitled "Mask Creators" this time. Below is a selection of paper mache/plaster head coverings built upon a balloon (both in progress and finished), paper masks done with oil pastel over watercolor and drilled and painted gourd masks:

Example Created by Alyssa & Akuna Hinton at age 10

Teacher's Example

The previous summer (June / July 2011) I ran an art camp at Carolina Friend's school entitled Creative Mask Making (still looking for a more innovative title). It gave me a chance to further explore and teach two things that I've been interested for a long time and have done some on my own in the past. These were a type of paper mache head covering (built upon a balloon):

These are simple paper masks made from heavy watercolor paper, watercolor paints and oil pastel:

We also cut and painted gourd masks (I learned how truly hard a good healthy gourd can be!):

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Children's Reptiles & Dragon's Camp 2011-2012

Reptiles and Dragons Camp, 2012:

Spelling Out The Scientific Facts on the White Board (plus a view art works to inspire the imagination!)

Gila Monsters, Geckos, Alligators, Komodo Dragons and Iguana Key Chains

Reptiles, Monsters and Mythological Beasts Camp, 2011(first year):
Best of Class-Speckled Gecko

Best of Class-Special Alligator Design

An Unusual Idea; A Turtle With Wings

The Whole Collection