Sunday, January 31, 2016

China Academy of Art-Experimental Printmaking Residency (College Level)

I was recently invited to the China Academy of Art to do an Experimental Printmaking Residency in Hangzhou, China from Sept. 27th to October 22nd. 30 plus years have passed since I was last in China, when I was studying at The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Middle School in Beijing as a teenager…and 40 plus years have passed since I was there as a child of 9 at the tail end of Mao’s Cultural Revolution running free with my little friends in Dazhai Village in the hills of Shanxi Province waving corn cob embers to draw animals in the night sky.
1971-Michael, Cathy & Alyssa Hinton in Dazhai Commune, Shanxi Province, China

Experimental Printmaking “Art of Transformation” Hybrid Art Residency:
Shortly after I arrived, the security desk man gave me some recent issues of the China Art Weekly Magazine to look at, and I was immediately struck by the realization of just how deep my early study of Traditional Chinese painting had truly been. Even in my most recent work the influence was blatantly evident to me…mainly in the dramatic expression of the dynamic contrasts found in landscape. I found this very inspiring for the initiation of my “Art of Transformation” Hybrid Art Residency, which like most of my residencies, are fairly experimental.

China Academy of Art (C.A.A.) “Art of Transformation” Lecture:To kick off the residency, I gave an autobiographical Power Point Lecture, where I also stressed the fact that mixed media, multi media, collage and montage lend themselves well to bringing the divergent parts of an individual together as a holistic way to represent the self. Using details, all the parts make a whole. This is the ideology inherent in mixed media or collage/montage. Because of this the medium itself can also become part of the message and self expression…

Art of Transformation Power Point Lecture

China Academy of Art (C.A.A.) and “Art of Transformation” Hybrid Residency:
My residency within the China Academy of Art Printmaking Department was all about having the students create hybrid works combining conventional drawing and printmaking with digital techniques in Photoshop to illustrate some form of expressive identity narrative. About half way through my residency I found the need to explain the importance of thoroughly “owning” your mixed media and demonstrating how to truly make an image your own, despite the use of digital software settings and filters…...Never settle for the “pre-packaged” look!

My Residency- Teaching How To Own Your Mixed Media!